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Mold & Mildew Gel Cleaner - 8 Fl.Oz (Pack of 1)

Say Goodbye to Mold and Mildew with GELIVABLE's Powerful Cleaner Gel - Perfect for Cleaning Wall Tiles, Grout, Sealant, and Sinks in Your Home or Kitchen!

- Safe and non-toxic: GELIVABLE Mold Mildew Cleaner Gel is safe and non-toxic, making it a great choice for households with children and pets. It does not contain any harsh chemicals, bleach, or ammonia, which can be harmful to health and the environment. It is also free from strong odors and fumes, making it pleasant to use.
- Value for money:

GELIVABLE Mold Mildew Cleaner Gel is a powerful household cleaner that effectively removes mold and mildew from various surfaces. It is perfect for cleaning wall tiles, grout sealant, bathroom surfaces, home kitchen sinks and other areas prone to mold and mildew growth. The 8 Fl.Oz pack of 1 offers enough cleaning solution for multiple uses. The gel formula allows for easy application and targeted cleaning, ensuring that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned. This cleaner is safe to use and does not contain harsh chemicals that can damage surfaces or harm the environment. With GELIVABLE Mold Mildew Cleaner Gel, you can keep your home clean and free from mold and mildew.